Workbook & 8-week MyStride System

Use the workbook to get more out of the Win the Day’s exercises, and and a 8-week MyStride System to implement the MyStride Approach! 


Enhance your reading

Enjoy a better reader experience by applying the book exercises on a space dedicated for it allowing for deeper reflexion.


8-week MyStride System

Find a full 8-week blank MyStride Approach template at the end of the workbook for you to build and implement your own system.


Reuse it as much as you please

Print the blank 8-week template and re-use it as long as you benefit from the MyStride Approach. 


Adapt the system to more then Basketball

Custum the MyStride Approach System to your own needs, and raise your game in more than just basketball.


Gain self-discipline in your everyday life

Don’t just read Win the Day. Apply your new knowledge right away and gain an edge in the way you train.


Raise your Game

The ball is in your hand, shoot your shot.