MyStride Mentorship

The MyStride Mentorships are designed to support athletes shape their destiny on and off the court with heightened focus and consciousness in their endeavours.


The Pursuit of Excellence

The MyStride Apporach is designed to teach athletes how to attain their unique basketball potential, and support them in this task.

A New Way to See Training

Using a well-though 3-step process, we help our players understand the power of continuous small actions, the value of self-reflection, and help them turn their vision into actionable steps.

A Much Needed Support System

In sport more than any other field, time is counted and players do not have the luxury to waste it or stall. In a world with increased distraction and competition, players need a proper support system to reach their dream.

MyStride Mentorship (10 weeks)

We offer elite level mentorships to players who are serious about the game and want to take the next step in the way they approach training, competition, and life. 

What you will receive

  • RFree access to MyStride Mobile App
  • ROnline Video Onboarding Class
  • RFull Player's assessment
  • RSWOT Analysis
  • RElaboration of Crystal-Clear Vision
  • RDefinition of working priorities
  • RBuilding of MyStride Management System
  • R60' 1v1 Onboarding Call
  • R2 Game (or workout) Analysis
  • RReview video exchanges
  • R8x 1v1 follow up calls (20')
  • RSend-Off video class
  • RUnlimited Access to a Mentor

What they say…

Don’t trust our words… refer to what our former clients said about the mentorship program…

“I was amazed to see how much more can be done when you focus on the right things, and how far I was from doing them before joining MyStride Mentorship, despite thinking I was working hard…
My confidence and skills improved greatly during the lenght of the program”

– Aurélien, 17 years old

“Before the MyStride program, my trainings were disorganized and lacked structure and focus. Through the program, my focus increased and I was able to create specific routines which helped my game

– Thomas, 17 years old

“I put so much energy into basketball. Working with MyStride helped channel this energy and focus on small details that made big differences over time. I recommend this program to any player who is passionate about developing his game.”

Daniel, 16 years old

“I benefitted greatly from following the mentorship the following points are what stood out:
Structure: I knew exactly what I had to do everyday in order to get better; I knew on what to focus each day
Development: I got to know better in which areas I have to work ( finishing at the rim, etc..) – I don’t need to sweat a lot to work on my  game. By that I mean that I started to understand how the muscle memory works and how I can use the processes to learn the movement without working until exhaustion…

– Zaid, 20 years old


“Getting the full attention on myself by someone who knows the game deeply was a game changer for me. Basketball means so much, and having someone knowledgeable fully committed to guide me is immensely valuable.”

– Guillaube, 16 years old


“As a young professional starting my career, I know there is so much progress to make. Going through the program over the summer was the best investment I could make. It allowed me to stay consistand, make progress each day on my own, and anter the new season with confidence.”

– Laurent, 22 years old – professional player